L3 Architecture: Where Creativity and Excellence Meet

We are passionate about transforming ideas into constructible, functional and stylishly designed architectural projects.

We are a leading firm dedicated entirely to providing professional services in the vast world of architecture, design, management and technical direction of works.

Our headquarters are located in Punta del Este, where the magic of the place gives us stimulus and inspiration.

Unique lifestyle, innovation in space, light and color, sophistication and simplicity are the basis of our creation.

At L3 Arquitectura, we transcend borders and offer tailor-made solutions for local or international projects. Our commitment is to turn your projects into realities.

Arq. Federico de Armas
Arq. Jonathan Liberman
Arq. Daniel Sanromán
Arq. Luis Taboada

Our Team: Global Experience, Local Passion

At L3 Arquitectura, we have the strength of a diverse and passionate team with extensive experience both locally and internationally. Over more than fifteen years, we have built an exceptional team that allows us to approach challenging projects with a unique perspective.

In addition to our talented in-house team, we have a network of professional consultants in various disciplines. Together, we combine knowledge and skills to create exceptional technical solutions. At L3 Architecture, excellence is our standard, and we are ready to turn your architectural dreams into reality.

Scope of Services: from Idea to Reality

At L3 Architecture, we offer a full spectrum of services from initial concept to final construction. Our comprehensive approach includes basic, civil, environmental and electrical engineering, as well as EPC and EPCM procurement, construction and project management.

Our experience spans a wide range of applications, including housing developments, private residences, shopping centers, hotels, sports facilities, healthcare facilities, mixed-use complexes and more. In every project, we transform your vision into reality, backed by our dedication and experience.

L3 Developments: Management of Real Estate Developments

A strategic unit of L3 Arquitectura, specializes in the integral management of real estate developments. We provide cutting-edge technical, legal and financial support for investments, whether our own or those of third parties, guaranteeing excellence in the execution and fulfillment of the project's objectives.

Strategic Alliances: Boosting Efficiency

L3 Arquitectura is a key component in a network of companies within the engineering and construction sector. Our ability to vertically integrate processes allows us to optimize costs and deadlines, guaranteeing efficiency in each project.